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My paintings are best described as mindscapes or soulscapes. All of the work derives from a wide variety of inspirations. I seek to capture a moment or a feeling rather than a place, be it the beauty of a summer evening sunset, or listening to a beautiful piece of music.


I often begin with an idea in mind but allow the painting to develop itself, often getting lost in the work then stepping back and wondering did I really create that?


This is the real joy of being an artist. After painting professionally for almost a quarter of a century it still surprises me. The feeling of warmth and the meditative quality which seems to emanate from many of the paintings is something which only comes from investing heart and soul into a work. The ultimate compliment for me is when an individual connects with the moments and feelings I desire to capture.


Although very different in style, the landscapes and the figures both reflect the heart and passion of a painter.

Artist's statement



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